November 1, 2014

A Morning Like This One

It feels like forever since I’ve had a morning like this one.

Most of my days begin with the blare of my iPhone alarm — you know the awful beep-beep-beep I’m talking about. I groggily pad into the kitchen, where my routine is always the same: grab bowl, fill with oats, add water, microwave for two minutes, stir and sprinkle Corn Flakes on top. I then make a mug of steaming hot black coffee.
For ten minutes, I am slow, enjoying breakfast and the Today Show. But then the clock tells me it’s time to get moving, and I obey.
I cherish those ten minutes. I do. But a morning like this one is something different, something better. Today, there was no alarm. I don’t have anywhere I need to be. I can light a candle, listen to a little bossa nova and sip a second cup while I write until lunchtime.