May 10, 2015

For Mother’s Day

I don’t live more than forty minutes away from her, but I manage to see my mom at least once a week and talk on the phone at least once a day. She texts me often, sharing precious information — “Bloomy’s has 20 percent off all weekend” — or real estate encouragement — “Sell it Melly.” Yes, she still calls me Melly.

When I can’t decide what to wear in the morning, I call her first. And on stressful days, I seek encouragement from her. She is discerning and gentle; she is always there for me with biblical truth and unconditional love.
My mom is a spiritual leader. Her friends treasure her just like I do. On Fridays, they meet at the house, sharing life, scones and coffee. If you see my mom afterwards, she’s glowing — teaching women about God’s promises is what she loves to do.
As for my career, she teaches me — about architecture, about marble, about making a house a home. Her bedside table is stacked with interior design magazines and books. She sees the beauty in the little things, like white slipcovers and fresh flowers. I strive to be like this in my life and in my job.
Today is Mother’s Day, and I’m feeling especially thankful for this woman. She is a best friend and a sister in Christ. I love her very much.