June 4, 2015

My Chicago Wednesday

I’m a planner. I like to know my schedule for the day and stick to it — no ifs, ands or buts. But yesterday was different. I slowed down. I walked. I laughed. I marveled.

It was one of those perfect Chicago days.

Without the help of an alarm, my eyes slowly opened around 9:00. There was no rush; there was no hurry. I had nothing to do until later, so I got creative. Most of my friends have 9-5’s, but I am also lucky to have some with schedules as flexible as mine. I grabbed my phone and texted Lydia: Let’s go walking. I’ll grab Starbucks.

Thirty minutes later, we were sitting by the lake with two cups of coffee, watching sailboats pass by and talking about everything. The weather was ideal for me — not too warm and a little bit breezy. Eventually, Lydia had to leave, and I was on my own again.

So, I kept walking. I began at Diversey Harbor and spent a glorious hour on the lakefront path. Along the way, I made phone calls to my attorney, to my best friend, to clients, to my grandma. I arranged earnest money check drop-off’s and made an appointment with my facialist. It was one of my most productive mornings yet.

I made it to Bloomingdale’s with just enough time to catch a bus to the South Loop, where I had a showing appointment at 1600 South Indiana. My client is new to the city and plans to get plugged in at Park — we had much to chat about, and I already count her as a friend.

Afterwards, I called another friend and asked if he’d like to meet for Chipotle. I was starving, and somehow made it to Grand and State in record time. We ate burrito bowls and caught up. Afterwards, I borrowed a bike from his River North condo and rode home. The city was alive — the beaches at North Avenue and Oak Street were packed with people, and the bike path was just as crowded. I smiled the whole way home, feeling very good about my day.

I closed out my evening in Lincoln Park, where I met a new friend for tea. We sat outside and shared slices of our lives — it was easy, fruitful conversation.

I look to God on days like these, knowing He is the author. I am blessed indeed.