August 10, 2015

On Branding

Every few months, I send an update to everyone I know: 1,000 email addresses and 300 snail mail addresses. I really love marketing — my background in journalism is surely the reason.

As a journalist in 2015, you are a brand. You need to find your niche and build your name, eventually gaining enough of a following to grant you that glorious blue checkmark on Twitter. Think Ezra Klein. Think Arianna Huffington. These are people that have soared in the media, achieving and uncovering big things.

As a realtor in 2015, you are also a brand. When I created Melanie Stone Chicago, I wanted it to portray sophistication, but also accessibility. Remember the episode of Sex and the City when Mr. Big couldn’t contact Willow, his love interest?

“Here’s the thing. She can reach me. But I can’t ever get her.”

Well, good news: You can always get a hold of MSC. I’m constantly on my phone, and when it rings, I answer. I take care of my clients — all sorts of them. I’ll happily list your million dollar home, but I am also eager to guide first-time buyers through the process of a transaction. I am dependable, passionate and a bit of a perfectionist. This is what I hope my brand — and my latest postcard — reflects.