October 21, 2015


I met Joel in the spring when I helped him find a rental that had enough space for a pool table and a stunning view of Lake Michigan. Then, last month, he sent me an email:

“How’s my favorite millennial upstart? I’m looking for a condo in the lakefront area. You’re my go-to gal.”
Soon, Joel and I began searching for the perfect investment property, a one-bedroom that he could rent out. My job was to crunch numbers, then take him to see the ones I thought could lead to the highest ROI. We settled on a lovely unit at 3440 Lake Shore Drive — I’ve already listed it for rent.
They say that renters turn into buyers, and that was certainly true for Joel. We closed on Monday, and to thank him for his business, I gave him a book about vintage cars (he once drove me in his 1958 Chevy) and signed the card “your favorite millennial” (I’m actually second in line, behind his tailor). 
Congratulations, Joel. All I need to do now is find your tenant.