November 9, 2015

Lisa + Matt

On a rainy day in April, I had my first meeting with Lisa and Matt. The three of us gathered around a table at Starbucks, and they told me all about what they wanted in their first home: move-in ready, at least three bedrooms and plenty of outdoor space for Gerty, their beloved golden. From there, we got to work, checking out townhomes and single families across West Town.

The hunt for unique properties in these neighborhoods wasn’t easy — listings were racking up multiple offers in days. Once, Lisa sent me this text: “Purchases require sleep deprivation and all my nails will be gone!! (Insert nail biting emoticon here.)” It was a stressful journey. Thankfully, Lisa assured me that her no-chip manicure was indestructible.

At the end of August, we found “the one” — but apparently, the rest of Chicago’s buyer pool felt the same. Located on the border of Logan Square and Avondale, the house¬†was slammed with offers, and understandably so. It was a stunning historic rehab, built in 1903 and admirably maintained over the past century. When Lisa, Matt and I walked in the front door, we were in awe of the sleek kitchen and blooming backyard. We wrote a strong offer and crossed our fingers.

Real estate is full of drama, and this house certainly made waves. According to the listing agent, she received dozens of offers, all over-ask. The sellers went with another buyer, and we were crushed. It was time to let go.

A few weeks later, Lisa sent me an email. She’d gotten a notification that the house was back on the market. Immediately, I got on the phone, calling the listing agent over and over until finally getting a hold of her. My clients and I swept in and put the house under contract.

We closed at the end of October (thanks to the best lender, Chris). I’m thrilled for Lisa and Matt — their new home is a special one indeed. There is a long list of jealous buyers that would agree.

Congrats, you guys. I loved working with you.