November 25, 2015

So You Want to Buy a Condo

I woke up with knots in my stomach on the morning of “So You Want to Buy a Condo.” My lender, Chris, and I had planned this event weeks in advance — it was a seminar for first-time buyers, taught by the two of us. I hadn’t spoken in front of a large audience in a long time, so my nerves kicked into high gear. What will people think of me? What if I sound stupid? Oh, I hope I don’t pass out or something.

As it happened, I didn’t faint, and the night went off without a hitch. The back bar at Old Town Social was packed with people, from current clients to new prospects. My best friend took photos as Chris and I clicked through our presentation. We bought the first round for everyone — OTS offers a stacked beer list. Our guests sipped their drinks and listened to us explain how to navigate mortgages, showings, negotiations and more.

I am so thankful for those that showed up last month. Chris and I were truly blown away by our audience (standing room only!) and hopefully, we’ll do another event later this winter.