March 8, 2016

Going Goethe

Time and time again, a client will search in a certain neighborhood — only to end up closing on a home that was completely outside of that initial scope. “We want Lakeview,” they’ll tell me. Then, weeks later, they’re under contract in the South Loop. It happens constantly.

I didn’t think that would be me. For a year, I was set on finding the perfect fixer-upper in Lincoln Park — right around Armitage and Halsted. I came close. Last spring, I made two offers on two different units at that particular intersection. Neither panned out, and in retrospect, I am glad.

This past January, a one-bedroom at 21 West Goethe hit the market. It’s a building I know very well —  I sold an identical unit to my friend from high school. He stunningly rehabbed his place, and I was inspired. I went over to see the listing on a blustery Friday night, and ended up writing an offer a few hours later over drinks at Fig & Olive.

I closed on the last day of February — a leap day closing! — and officially became a homeowner. After two-and-a-half years of renting, I’m eager to finish the renovation and move to the Gold Coast. It’s a neighborhood I never thought I’d end up in, but as I’ve learned, real estate is full of surprises. My unit needs a new kitchen and bathroom, but the bones are all there. My favorite part is the view — the main window overlooks Restoration Hardware at the recently restored Three Arts Club.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be meeting contractors, picking out furniture and composing every detail of my new home. My mom is the master of interiors — she’s designed four exquisite Hinsdale homes — and my dad is the one with the logic and strategy. Rehabbing a condo is a huge undertaking, and additionally, spring is my busy season. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my parents-slash-best-friends.

Stay tuned for more #GoingGoethe updates (and for your invite to my housewarming.)