March 31, 2016

SYWTBAC | Old Town Social

Now that I have a few condo seminars in my repertoire, one might think that I’d be less nervous beforehand. I wish that were true. Before my seminar on March 2nd, I had another sleepless night, worrying about how the next evening would go. I was well-rehearsed (fun fact: I like to practice in the steam room at the gym) but still, I battled the same anxious thoughts.

It ended up being the best seminar yet. We had another room full of people, jotting notes and drinking wine or beer as we talked. My lender, Chris, and I took turns speaking about the process of purchasing a condo in Chicago.

Thanks to those that came to my spring seminar at Old Town Social. I had a blast, and hopefully, you’ll all be buying homes with me very soon.