April 6, 2016

At Home: Matt

My best friend is a videographer/photographer by trade and by passion. Courtney has taken all of my headshots, filmed my listings, and now, she is responsible for my newest marketing project.

When I called her about the idea, I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with it. We fleshed it out together — the “At Home” series would feature some of my past clients and their homes many months after the closing date. Each film would be short and sweet, a simple look at homeownership.

On a Sunday in March, Courtney and I drove from Lakeview to Lincoln Park to the South Loop. It was pouring rain, and I’m pretty sure Courtney’s camera suffered some sort of water damage, but the day went swimmingly. Matt was our first stop — he bought a condo last spring in East Lakeview.

Here is the first film in my series. I am incredibly lucky to have a talented best friend and past clients who are willing to help me try something new.