April 27, 2016

Himanshu + Ambika

Our first meeting took place at my favorite Starbucks, the one at Diversey and Sheffield. Himanshu and Ambika wanted to buy a two-bedroom condo in Lakeview — or so they thought.

The search began and soon, we found ourselves looking at condos across the South Loop. (Quick tangent: On New Years Eve, we made an offer on Brian Urlacher’s home. The deal did not come together, but go Bears, yeah?) Himanshu and Ambika were serious, thoughtful buyers. They were ready to go, and by the time we found “the one,” they jumped on it — a shockingly sleek loft on Michigan Avenue.

Himanshu and Ambika closed earlier this month. It was snowing sideways and blustery than it should’ve been in April, but they were joy-filled nonetheless. In a marriage, homebuying is an incredible life event to experience together — at least, that’s what it seems like from my vantage point. I know this was true for Himanshu and Ambika.

If you’re wondering, I found the marble coasters and wood board at West Elm.