April 13, 2016

On Living at Home

If you know me, you know how much I love home. Over the past few years, I’ve taken every opportunity to leave Lakeview and drive to Hinsdale — whether it’s for a 24-hour visit or a 3-day vacation. My parents own a renovated 1920s bungalow, and truthfully, it’s my favorite place to be. The home is cozy in the winter, breezy in the summer and comforting all year round.

For almost one month, I’ve been living here full-time. My lease ended at the end of March, and I closed on my condo in February. The renovations should be done by May, but until then, I am in-between places. I commute downtown for showings and appointments almost every day — my car has become my office. After many hectic hours in the city, there’s no better feeling than turning off the highway and cruising into Hinsdale.

I do miss my life in the city, and there are obvious frustrations associated with being in the suburbs. When I tell people that I’m living with my parents for a while, they cringe and offer support. Ah, that’s rough! When do you move into your condo? I laugh along with them. Soon, hopefully, I reply.

Here’s what I really want to say: I love living here. I love living with my parents. I love coming home to someone at night. I love feeling safe and supported and accepted. I love sipping coffee with my mom in the mornings and swapping business ideas with my dad in the evenings. I love living here.

My parents are my two best friends, and my third best friend, Courtney, lives just across the train tracks. I have my main people here — my squad, if you will. I am most content when we’re all together, hanging out and catching up in our family room. If my little brothers are there, too, that’s even better.

Once my new condo is ready, I’ll move to the Gold Coast and resume my downtown life. But until then, I am treasuring this sweet time in Hinsdale — thanks be to God for a place like this to come back to.