May 21, 2016

Going Goethe: Part Two

Officially, I’ve lived in my new neighborhood for one week. That means seven sleeps beneath my dreamy silk quilt, six early trips to Starbucks, five walks to my office, four visitors, three Chipotle burrito bowls, two failed attempts to organize my closets and one very happy Gold Coast girl.

My condo isn’t quite ready yet — I’m missing many things, from a coffee maker to a completed kitchen. It will hopefully be done by July, just in time for my birthday. But even in this in-between stage, I am overwhelmingly content here.

I awoke on this particular morning to a brilliantly sunny sky. Today is Saturday, and I don’t have showings until the afternoon. I tugged on a baseball cap and headed down to the lobby. “Good morning, Miss Stone,” said Leonard, my patient and accommodating doorman. “The farmer’s market is goin’ on.”

I thanked him for the tip. Unbeknownst to me, the Division Street Farmer’s Market is historically open from May until October, offering produce, plants and more. I heard the soft sounds of jazz guitar as soon as I rounded the corner onto Dearborn Street.

Slowly, I wandered. There were tables of cellophane-wrapped cherry strudels, a selection of gourmet olive oil, dog treats, trays of cupcakes and so much greenery. People milled about, some holding hands and some walking with their pups. I even ran into a friend from my hometown, who just happens to be my neighbor.

I ordered an iced coffee and walked back to my building, passing historic homes (above is a favorite) and blooming flower beds. I feel impossibly glad to be in such a place. Lakeview, in many ways, built me. I grew up in that vintage apartment on Oakdale Avenue. But this new chapter on Goethe Street is already a lovely one. It’s only been one week, but I look forward to many more.