So You Want to Buy a Condo | SquarePlanet Edition

May 31, 2016

I am nervous every single time, but teaching my homebuying seminar is especially stressful when I’m in front of a company like SquarePlanet Presentations¬†+ Strategy. Yeah, you read that right — they literally specialize in public speaking. Gulp.

The lunch-and-learn took place a few weeks ago, and ultimately, it was an amazing experience. Their office — affectionately referred to as the SquarePlanet pirate ship — is a brightly-colored loft in River North. They have a stocked bar cart, orange walls, pirate hats and a tight-knit group of cool and creative people. Can I work here? I asked.

As our guests munched on falafels from a nearby shop, I clicked through my slideshow, trying to stifle every “um” and “uh” — after all, these were professional presenters. I had to bring my A-game. At the end, my lender and I answered questions and chatted with the group.

I left the pirate ship that afternoon feeling energized and grateful for another teaching opportunity. Thanks to SquarePlanet for hosting!

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