June 20, 2016

MSC in Hinsdale Magazine

After six months of running my quarter-page ad in Hinsdale Magazine, I decided it was time to go bigger. Here’s my full-page ad, expertly styled and shot by Courtney. She’s the best — but I did not make it easy on her.

The day we planned to take this picture was a thick and muggy one. I wanted a glamorous city photo, and my expectations were sky-high. Within minutes of standing outside of an ivy-covered row home, my hair turned curly and the wind swept in. Put simply, it was a fail.

I’m not a magician, Courtney reminded me.

The next morning, we tried again. We went to my parents’ house in Hinsdale, and somehow, Courtney did make magic happen. I absolutely adore the finished product, and hopefully, Hinsdale Magazine’s readers feel the same.