June 28, 2016

SYWTBAC | Havas Chi

Embarrassingly enough, I’ve been following @HavasChi on Snapchat for almost a year. I’ve never worked there, nor do I have any strong ties to the global communications powerhouse. But they consistently have an entertaining Snap Story, and for that reason, I follow along.

I taught my seminar, “So You Want to Buy a Condo,” at Havas Worldwide Chicago¬†earlier this month. Their office is phenomenal. Think wide open spaces, free of cubicles and harsh lighting. Think trendy millennials and their dogs. Think graffiti art on the walls and the sleekest kitchen you’ve ever seen.
My lender and I breezed through our presentation in the Town Hall — there were four screens, two microphones and a stand of bleachers for guests to sit in. It was the perfect venue, and we’re so glad Havas invited us in.