July 11, 2016


I loved every bit of this weekend.

On Friday (my birthday!), my parents, Jack and I flew to New York. My other brother, Sam, is in Philadelphia for the summer, so he met us in the city shortly after we arrived. All at once, we were together — the original and forever five. This would be our first family vacation in two years.

My dad truly spoiled us with a stay at the Four Seasons — silky white sheets, Bvlgari au thé vert soaps and enormous walk-in closets. I shared a room with my two brothers, and it was like I was thirteen all over again. We fought over the beds (“There’s absolutely no way I’m sleeping on the cot. It’s my birthday!”) and wore the plush hotel robes. On the second night, there was a water bottle war with gummy bear bullets. I laughed — real, genuine laughter. My little brothers have grown into young men: well-dressed, hilarious, God-honoring and a joy to be with.

We spent much of the weekend eating, walking and shopping. It was reminiscent of my trip to Paris. The standout moments: a rainy stroll through Central Park, bagels and lox in SoHo, a visit to the Freedom Tower, cast iron real-estalking in Tribeca, red and white and rosé wine, mother-daughter blowouts at DryBar, sausage fried rice and a giant mousse-filled fortune cookie at Tao, coffee in bed and cocktails in the lobby. Somehow, I also found time to put two contracts together for two sets of clients — cherry on top.

With my family, I can be my most authentic self. I don’t have to worry about what they’re thinking of me. I’m safe, loved, supported and accepted, and best of all, I can rest in the knowledge that we are in Christ and destined for heaven. Our time in NYC was a sweet reminder of that truth.

Today, I am back in Chicago for another week of inspections, showings and networking. I already miss being surrounded by my family, but I think I’ll look forward to our next adventure.