August 15, 2016


On a muggy day in July, I was invited to GrubHub‘s downtown headquarters to teach my first-time homebuyer seminar. I have admired this innovative company for years — GrubHub delivers food to wherever you are. For a girl who cannot cook, this app is my saving grace. Without even getting up from my couch, I can order a casual Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich or lobster ravioli from RPM (if I’m feeling fancy).

The food delivery service is based here in Chicago, but has expanded to over 1,000 cities across the country. Everyone knows about GrubHub. Suffice to say, GrubHub’s HQ was somewhere I really wanted to teach at.

The presentation took place in the office cafeteria during lunchtime, and the room was just about packed. (Bonus: The fridge is stocked with La Croix. Happiness.) As always, Chris and I spent the first half navigating through our slide deck, and afterwards, we took questions from the audience. It was a 10/10.

Thanks for having me, GrubHub!