October 24, 2016

Gold Coast Mansion Walk

The Gold Coast Mansion Walk comes around every fall, always on a Tuesday in October. It is an opportunity for realtors to tour the listings in the neighborhood — each home is priced between two and seven million dollars. This was my third year attending, and to make it even more special, I brought my parents along with me.

My mom and dad met me at my condo, and from there, we walked to the first mansion on State Street. This one is priced at $4,500,000, and it did not disappoint — think herringbone floors, stainless steel countertops, private outdoor spaces. We wandered through the rooms and up the staircase (four stories!) to see every inch of the mansion. Together, my parents have quite the real estate resume. They have bought, sold and designed many Hinsdale homes, so this tour was a dream for them.

We saw six mansions that afternoon, but our favorite one was on Scott Street. At $3,600,000, this place took our breath away. The entryway felt like a boutique hotel, complete with an elegant black-and-white checkerboard floor and two little bathrooms. From there, you could either take the elevator (!!!) or the stairs. We opted for the latter.

Everything about the space was exquisitely designed, from the decor (a massive marble dining table) to the doors (glazed black paint) to the details (a subway-tiled wall in the kitchen). I’ve grown accustomed to the condo market, but this home was in an entirely different league. While oohing and ahhing over the built-in bookcases, I made a mental note: learn to sell mansions.

The walk-in closet sealed the deal with a velvet green couch and shelves of Manolo’s. Carrie Bradshaw would have melted — my mom and I certainly did.

To debrief and recover (one word: stairs), the three of us went to RH. I ordered a pot of tea, and they split a lox board. It was such a treat to share this day with two of my best friends — surely, one of the best memories of autumn so far.