October 7, 2016

Max + Mitch

One of my fondest memories of Mitch is from Falcon Fest in the sixth grade. In a moment of teenage-boy-cruelty, he poured a can of Coke on my head. I was mortified, and I swore I’d never forgive him.

More than a decade later, I have chosen to move on from that incident, and that’s probably a good thing — Mitch and his older brother, Max, officially became my clients early in the summer. I loved working with them. They’re both grown-ups now, working hard in their respective fields and navigating adulthood together. Max and Mitch are true gentlemen — goofy, too, as evidenced by the photo below.

The brothers ended up purchasing a top-floor vintage condo in East Lakeview. It is a fixer-upper, and they’ve got plans. I am so proud of Max and Mitch. The place is perfect for them, and I know they’ll turn it into the best bachelor pad on the block.

Congratulations, guys. Don’t pour pop on anyone 🙂