November 16, 2016

Christina + Phil

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — MSC doesn’t play favorites. But if I absolutely had to, Christina and Phil would be on the list.

After meeting through a mutual friend, the three of us began searching last spring. We saw new construction and resales in Old Town, Lakeview and Ravenswood. At that time, Christina and Phil were renting in Lakeshore East. They had a phenomenal apartment (hashtag views) that suited them in every way, but they were ready to move on to homeownership.

Christina emailed me one day about a particular townhouse in the South Loop. It was under contract already, but she wanted in. I immediately set up off-market and on-market searches for them. The first week of July, something popped up at last. I put the deal together on my birthday weekend — it was one of two; a good birthday indeed. (I will never forget standing on the corner of Madison Avenue and 61st Street in NYC, heatedly debating comps with the list agent.)

This particular townhouse is tucked away on one of the South Loop’s most coveted streets. It’s spacious and bright, and there is an apple tree planted on the patio. They closed in August, and last weekend, I got to go back and see the place again at their housewarming. Christina and Phil opened up the kitchen, redid the floors and expanded the outdoor space — I was blown away.

Congratulations, guys. I really loved working with you.