November 22, 2016

Going Goethe: MSC’s Home Tour

I am the textbook definition of a homebody. I certainly love meeting new people and engaging with others, but my favorite part of any day is the end of it — the pajamas, the candles, the quiet.

In February, I closed on this condo, and the renovations began soon after. My little Gold Coast fixer-upper was very much in need of love. With the help of my A-team (contractor + parents), we created a sophisticated and sleek space — think polished nickel pulls, honed marble countertops, open glass shelving, bright white subway tile and crystal doorknobs. Everything was hand-picked, from the shape of the hexagon marble flooring to a show-stopping light fixture — the crown jewel of my kitchen. The project took almost two months, and by May, it was finally time to move in.

Slowly, I began to fill my home with things that I loved. The floor plan allotted an eat-in kitchen, which I outfitted with vapor acrylic bar stools — a place for strawberry toast and coffee. Tucked around the corner is my workspace. The desk is covered in parchment leather, and above it, there is a sunburst mirror. (I bravely picked it up during a severe thunderstorm one summer morning.)

The living area is where I spend most of my time. I studied sofas for weeks, eventually deciding on a luxe down-filled RH piece. It is the comfiest couch, perfect for watching Friends, Bible study or an afternoon nap. The rug is plush white shag. On chilly fall mornings, nothing feels softer on my toes. My favorite part of this vignette is the art on the wall — four dreamy photos of Paris, taken by Courtney during our spring trip.

A white marble bistro table sits in the window with two slipcovered chairs. I’ve sipped wine and tea here with friends, watching clouds pass in the western sky. The little pink pillows are custom-made. I adore them.

The bathroom is light, bright and accented with tiny pops of color — a flower here, a towel there. An étagère with glass shelves and polished nickel finishes is a stage for small items that bring me joy — BVLGARI soap from my weekend in NYC, for instance. Best of all, the light is on a dimmer, creating a soft glow.

Last (but never least) is my bedroom. I invested in a new mattress, and I will never regret that purchase. I sleep on a cloud — a cloud topped with pink silk sheets and a down blanket. The tufted headboard, mirrored side tables and crystal lamps complete the story. My vanity is across the room, accessorized with the fluffiest Mongolian lamb stool. Fur is a theme in my house.

I have lived in many different places over the past few years: a tiny dorm room, a sorority house, a vintage Lakeview apartment, my parents’ house in Hinsdale. For the first time, my home belongs to me. This is an indescribable feeling, and further, it makes my career in real estate so much more gratifying. With this peek inside my space, I hope to encourage others — homeownership is absolutely within reach.

I love waking up here, and equally, I love coming home. It is my own personal slice of the Gold Coast, and I am so thankful.

Photos by Courtney Cimo
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