November 6, 2016

Women’s Council/NAR Annual Conference 2016

My career is an independent one — self-directed and self-motivated. I spend many daytime hours alone, emailing from home or blogging at a coffee shop. I’ve grown accustomed to this lifestyle, and although it can be isolating, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 
The Women’s Council and National Association of Realtors Annual Conference reminded me that I am a part of something bigger. 

Last week, I flew to Orlando bright and early on Wednesday morning. I was there on behalf of the Women’s Council of Realtors — I am the 2017 incoming secretary for WCR Chicago, and along with my fellow board members, we were eager to represent our chapter. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a conference like this one. It comes around every fall, and this year, almost 20,000 people registered. At the Women’s Council meetings, I met realtors from all over the country — both veterans and newer agents. There were trainings, inspirational talks and brainstorm sessions. I kept quiet, taking it all in and listening to others share. As an introvert and homebody, traveling for a work conference was not in my comfort zone. But it was an opportunity for me to get outside of myself and learn from others in my industry, as well as bond with the lovely ladies in the Chicago Chapter.

I can now honestly say that I get it. I get why it’s so vastly important to be involved in the Chicago Association of Realtors. I get why Women’s Council can be a strong growth opportunity. I get why the National Association of Realtors is such a well-respected trade organization. 

Unfortunately, I had to fly home early to meet an out-of-town buyer, but I am so grateful for the three days I could spend in Orlando with my industry peers. Thanks to WCR Chicago for supporting me and launching me into this larger picture of real estate.