December 19, 2016


I’ve never been a party person. Growing up, I used to have meltdowns before high school dances and big events. I love people (really, I do!) and enjoy meaningful conversation, but there is something about the lead-up to social gatherings that throws me.

I spent much of last week worrying about installation. This is WCR Chicago‘s party of the year, and as an incoming board member, I would be a part of it. Since getting involved with the Women’s Council, I’ve loved working with these leading ladies. They truly exemplify the term “girl boss” — they put together fabulous, sold-out programs, unite the real estate industry, and somehow, still have time to run their own businesses. I admire them greatly, and as excited as I was to officially get sworn into the board of directors, I was ridiculously nervous about how the night would go.

On the evening of December 15th, I glued on fake eyelashes (oh, the agony), wore my prettiest Miu Miu shoes and ubered over to LondonHouse. After a few hours of set-up and preparation, the guests started rolling in — lenders, attorneys, aldermen, directors, sponsors, realtors. Among them were some of my most cherished people. My lender sponsored and attended the gala. My managing broker brought a crew of my Coldwell Banker colleagues. My boyfriend was by my side (in a suit and tie!). It meant the world to me to have them all there — my heart swelled in my chest the entire time.

This is a constant pattern in my life: stress out over event, attend event, end up having a ball at said event. I’ve got to learn my lesson and trust that God will carry me through (as He always has).

As for WCR Chicago, this group has stretched me and challenged me in the best ways. I’m grateful for these experiences, for the Chicago real estate community, and for the people in my life that came together to support me on installation night.