February 7, 2017

SYWTBAC | WeWork Kinzie

Last Thursday night, I went to WeWork Kinzie to teach So You Want to Buy a Condo once more. This was my first public event of 2017, and as always, I was beyond nervous. I’ve heard it said that public speaking is the number one fear amongst most people — this is absolutely true for me. The best advice I’ve ever received is from my best friend: Take three deep breaths before beginning. One, two, three.

Three breaths later, I got through it, the night turned out to be a wonderful one. This was my first time speaking at the Kinzie location — it has exposed beams, beer and cider on tap, and a bank of windows overlooking the River North neighborhood. Most importantly, the space allowed plenty of room for 50 potential homebuyers. Our guests filled up the main area, some sprawling out on comfy couches and others opting for chairs. It was our most-attended seminar yet.

Thank you — from the bottom of my heart, truly! — to those who came out, and thanks to WeWork for having us. Our next event is March 2nd at WeWork’s National Building. Stay tuned.