March 6, 2017

SYWTBAC | WeWork National Building 2.0

These days, So You Want to Buy a Condo is happening once a month. Our March event took place last Thursday night at WeWork’s National Building. I’ve held SYWTBAC here once before — it’s ideally located in the heart of the Loop, and what’s more, Revival Food Hall is downstairs. I’m so glad I went back. The audience was warm and friendly (they even laughed at some of my lame jokes!) and the room was completely full (60 guests, I’d say).

My best friend slash unbelievably talented wedding photographer was there for moral support and photos. She is the best, and her pictures are certainly worth a scroll.

I would be remiss if I did not write a thank-you to WeWork. These folks are the most accommodating — they host, they set up and tear down, they open up the taps. I’m a WeWork fan, always and forever.

My next event is April 6th at WeWork Fulton Market. RSVP here!