April 25, 2017

MSC MAG | April/May 2017

MSC MAG will forever be one of my favorite things about my business. The latest issue included a spring market survival guide, another sweet review, an update on my current transactions and a short thank-you note to those who helped me achieve 30 Under 30
The April production night was a wonderful one because of the people who helped me. We grew up together, and our friendship became *official* the summer before my junior year of high school. On a church trip to San Francisco, we bought octopus tattoos and decided to call ourselves “The Octos” (in true high-school-girl fashion). 
As sisters-in-Christ, the eight of us navigated our teen years together. We went to a few different places for college, but during breaks, we would joyfully reunite. Much has changed in our lives since our high school days, but much has stayed the same. Our faith will always be the common denominator. 
Most of us live in the city now, so I asked them to help me put this issue together. We drank wine, ate popcorn and berries, and laboriously labeled and glue-dotted. MSC MAG came together with the great help of some my oldest friends, and I was (& still am) filled with thankfulness.