April 19, 2017

On Sharing

Over the past year-and-a-half, I’ve found myself teaching in front of many different crowds — some bigger (50+) and some smaller (>5), but no matter the size, I am filled with butterflies every single time. Yesterday was the largest audience yet: I gave a presentation for 300 of my industry peers.

My friend Tommy curated the event for the Chicago Association of Realtors. When he asked if I’d share about how I created “So You Want to Buy a Condo,” I enthusiastically agreed. It took a few weeks for the fear to set in. I am fairly comfortable speaking to millennial first-time homebuyers, but to stand before a group of Chicago realtors was a whole new ball game.

I set two alarms the night before, and Andrew promised me a wake-up call. What if I oversleep and miss the event? What if the room is too warm? What if I pass out in front of everyone? Welcome to my anxious thought life. If you’ve followed along with my blog, you’ll notice a pattern.

Miraculously, none of my fears came true. Yesterday was one of the leading moments of my career thus far. I felt celebrated, appreciated, loved and accepted. My realtor friends were there, my managing broker was there, and many admirable industry greats were there. I gave my short talk about condo seminars and then got to sit back and listen to two amazing guys, Tom and Phil, teach on other forms of lead gen. After a Q&A session, we stood at the front of the room and talked to audience members. There was a line of people that wanted to talk to me. A line! Me! What?!

The very best part was that my dad was next to me the entire time. He’s the reason I am in real estate, and he’s my #1 fan — — to see him beaming in the front row made my heart melt. I was so proud to introduce my dad to my colleagues, and he even got a special shoutout from Tommy as he welcomed me to the stage.

I was texting one of my girlfriends later that day about the event. Her words — God powering MSC — are absolute, 100%, undoubted truth.