May 31, 2017

On Giving Gifts

I am surrounded by thoughtful gift-givers. My closest people know me better than anyone, and over the years, they have graciously given me some very special things. One friend recently gave me a little Parisian trinket dish — I look at it every morning. Another friend mails me encouraging cards. My boyfriend gave me Quest Bars (unashamedly my favorite food) at Christmastime. And last but not least, my mother is perhaps the best gift-giver of all. She has lavished me with hand-picked presents of every kind.

It’s no wonder that I love the art of gift-giving, too — in business and in my personal life.

Before a closing, I spend an inordinate amount of time in shops — from small-town boutiques (personal fave: The Yankee Peddler in Hinsdale) to big-box furniture stores (I see you, Crate & Barrel). There is no better feeling than stumbling upon the perfect gift for a buyer. I’ve found precious trinket dishes at Anthro and drool-worthy coffee table books at Art Effect. Always, my favorite moment happens at the closing table. I wait for a break in signing paperwork, and then I make my move, sliding the gift across the table and watching my client open it.

For friends, I especially look forward to cards. I’ll find one at Foursided, usually, and then write inside. Sweet notes mean the world to me — I’ve saved almost every single one since high school. Last month, I took three of my closest girlfriends to RM Champagne for dinner and drinks. After our first bottle of sparkling rosé, I handed out three envelopes. I wrote a letter for each girl, telling her how grateful I am for our relationship. These friends help me in every aspect of my business, and for that, I was brimming with thankfulness.

There is a verse in James that says “every good and perfect gift is from above.” I wholeheartedly believe this. Gifts are a human expression of love — but ultimately, that love comes from Jesus. He is who propels me to show my affection and thankfulness for others. He is the motivator, and although these tangible things are just for Planet Earth, I will treasure them all the same.