September 12, 2017

Tyler & Kristen

I’ll never forget the way my relationship with Tyler and Kristen began. It was just a few days after So You Want to Buy a Condo in February. I looked down at my phone to see an email pop up from Tyler. The subject line read: “Yes, I would like to buy a condo.” I cracked up.

Our search began shortly thereafter. We saw new construction overlooking the 606, older condos in Wicker Park, fixer-uppers and more. Tyler and Kristen were waiting for “the one,” and “the one” most definitely had to have bathroom storage, per Kristen’s request. The three of us were in the thick of the spring market, so it was wildly competitive. I don’t recall how many offers we actually wrote, but there were several, including one that was sight unseen (scary!).

One weekend, they went to an open house in Ukranian Village, only to uncover the coolest, most unique condo on the block. We wrote a very strong offer, and to their delight, it was accepted.

Through it all, Tyler and Kristen were remarkably kind. They treated me like a friend, but also trusted me as an advisor — the best kind of balance. Oh, and they brought a box of donuts to the inspection. (Tyler has a definitive ranking of the best donuts in Chicago, and Firecakes tops the list.)

Tyler and Kristen closed on their home in April. It’s a spectacular place: smart built-ins, dark wood floors, a renovated kitchen and enough space for their weekly small group meetings (they are very inviting people, hence Gatherings). Truly, it’s a home to remember.

Congratulations to this sweet couple.