October 11, 2017

MSC Turns 3

This October is so special for me. It marks my third anniversary in real estate, a milestone I never thought I’d reach. My business has changed and grown over these three years — it’s been a journey that has taught me so much about life, real estate and everything in-between.

To celebrate, I decided to plan an intimate dinner party for my family and friends. These people are the ones who have loved me before MSC, and continue to love me now. They support me in every way possible:

— Courtney, the artist who takes every single photo and film for my brand

— Sarah, the talented graphic designer and author of many clever Instagram captions

— Maggie, the friend who never fails to call and check in

— Maddie, the loyal MSC MAG labeler who serves wholeheartedly

— Camden, the smart and creative career girl who introduced me to WeWork

— Andrew, the loving boyfriend who will analyze comps for me at 11pm

— Sam, the brilliant brother who I hope will come work with me one day

— Jack, the youngest brother who is growing into a little man

— Mom, the wisest woman who has prayerfully encouraged me through every hill and every valley

— Dad, the very reason I am working in real estate, and my forever role model in business and in life

It was one of the best nights on record. Maddie, Courtney and I arrived early enough to have old fashioneds in the bar at RL — a delightfully cozy restaurant tucked away off Michigan Avenue. RL holds many memories of family celebrations and outings, so it made all the sense in the world for me to have my dinner there.

As soon as the table for eleven was ready, the three of us got to work setting up. I had small marble tiles with the names of each guest (a fun twist on classic name cards). My friend, Delaina, designed those, as well as the beautiful black-and-white invitations and blush envelopes that went in the mail a few weeks before. She is a true talent, and I’m very glad I got to use her skillset for this little party.

I ordered two bottles of champagne, lit the candles and prayed that the night would go well.

The next few hours flew by. There was crispy calamari, many glasses of wine, the finest steaks and crab cakes, dangerously good french fries and a toast or two. I got teary more than once. Without my friends and family, MSC would be a bust. I am forever grateful for them, and I really hope my words to the group adequately expressed that.

At the end, the waiter brought out a white cake with buttercream frosting and pink piping. It read: “MSC Turns 3!” I blew out the three candles and proceeded to eat a slice and a half.

I went to sleep that night very full, a little overserved, and mostly, overflowing with thankfulness. God is good, and so faithful — what a joy it was to celebrate that truth.