December 5, 2017

To My People

I have said it so many times on this blog before, but I don’t think I can ever fully express just how grateful I am for the people in my life — for MSC reasons and for Melanie reasons.

I wanted to write a little bit more about who is in my support system. They mean the world to me, and I am really thankful to know each of them. So, in no particular order, here they are:

Andy, my managing broker

Andy is the reason I’m at Coldwell Banker. I still remember our first meeting at the Gold Coast office. Andy asked me all about myself — he genuinely wanted to get to know me as a person (me! a college kid!). I did not hesitate to join his office. As of last month, Andy is now in the same role at the Lincoln Park office. He won’t technically be “my” manager anymore, but I will always think of him in this way. Andy is a brother in Christ, a wise and discerning leader, and a friend.

My family

We all know I turn to mush when I start writing about my family. My parents have seen me through every up and every down. They love and accept me no matter what, and further, they remind me to trust God and let him lead. And as for my brothers, they have grown up so much over the past few years. Sam is about to graduate from Marquette (and hopefully come work for MSC!) and Jack will be a senior in high school next year. That’s crazy talk. It feels like just yesterday I was roaming the halls of Hinsdale Central, and now, my youngest brother is the last Stone left.

Mike, my business coach

I met Mike at a networking event just about a year ago. At that time, I’d heard of his company but felt skeptical about coaching. Was it worth the investment? What would it really do for me? Now, after almost one full year of meeting with Mike, I can honestly say that his creativity and guidance has helped me in innumerable ways. Mike challenges me to think like a business person, from mastering the sales process to (eventually, but I keep dodging the topic) learning Quickbooks.

My friends

I have a long list of words to describe my friends: creative, passionate, caring, witty, wine-drinking, Jesus-loving, kind-hearted. They are people I have grown up with, and they are people I’ve met in my adult life. When it comes to my business, my friends are incredible. They’ll help put MSC MAG together, write Insta captions, edit and take photos, dream up new ideas and spread the word about MSC. Whew. I love them very much.

Andrew, my boyfriend

I met Andrew in June 2016 and since then, I have positively and surely and definitely fallen in love with him. He is gentle, calm, smart and compassionate. In real estate, he encourages me more than words can really say. Andrew will pray for me before I go into a buyer meeting or teach a seminar. He will help me look over comps. He will play bartender at my open house and hang photos at my office. He is the best guy I know.

Chris, my lender

Over the years, fellow realtors have told me it’s best to have a few go-to lenders. I’d always listen to their advice, then tell them that I simply cannot imagine sending clients to anyone other than Chris. He has been a part of MSC since the very beginning — in fact, he gave me my first buyer, ever! — and I am blessed to know him. Chris and I co-founded So You Want to Buy a Condo, our popular seminar, in October 2015, and we’ve taught hundreds of people about the homebuying process since then. I am so fearful before speaking in front of a crowd, but it’s far easier when I have my lender and my friend standing right next to me.

Hunter, my mentor

I worked for Hunter in the summer of 2014. Some days, I was stationed in the Coldwell Banker office printing labels or editing MLS copy. Other days, I’d cruise around town with Hunter, watching him conduct showings and photoshoots and listing appointments. At that time, I was also studying for my real estate exam. I never learned much in the online course — truthfully, Hunter taught me most of what I know. And to this day I still call him whenever I’m in the midst of a real estate crisis.

Thank you to all of these people ^^^ I am deeply grateful.