February 4, 2018

Meet Courtney

I haven’t yet told her this, but I’ve wanted Courtney to join my team before she even knew it was an option. In December, she texted me to let me know she’d finished her real estate course and was about to put in her two weeks at work. We made plans to meet for lunch at Doc B’s on Walton Street on a blustery Friday.

I was getting ready that morning when I had a wild thought: What if Courtney came to work for me? 

After a slightly crazy 2017, I knew I needed a second person. But the hiring process was a daunting task. I’ve heard it said that you need to get hundreds of online applicants and schedule dozens of interviews just to find one person who can maybe, possibly be a match. It sounded like dating, and I had zero desire to do that ever again. Courtney was someone I already knew, and further, someone I really liked. I met her at church a few years ago — knowing we were both in Christ made me all the more confident in the idea.

I called my dad and ran it by him. He told me to slow down, go to lunch and see what Courtney had to say. “Don’t bring up anything on your own,” he cautioned. “Just see what she has to say and let God lead.”

And so I arrived at the restaurant and zipped my lips, trying to keep my idea to myself. We gleefully ordered a glass of wine each (hey, it was Friday!) and began to talk. She asked me about different brokerages, commission spits and more. I answered dutifully, advising her to join a team and promising to connect her to several managers.

We were midway through our salads when she popped the question: “This is probably a shot in the dark, but would MSC ever be hiring?”

That was it! The words I wanted to hear! I plastered a pensive look on my face, trying to act as if I had never even considered the thought.

“Hmmm,” I lied, swirling chardonnay around in my glass. “Oh, wow. I mean, I know I need to hire someone in 2018, but… hm!”

After many discussions with my dad, business coach, managing broker and boyfriend (the four most trusted men in my life), Courtney officially signed on to the MSC team at Coldwell Banker last week. I am grateful, over-the-moon excited, and slightly nervous — I’m trusting God to lead me so that I can lead her.

Courtney will be helping with all things MSC, as well as taking on her own buyers, sellers and renters. At 27 years old, Courtney has already accomplished so much in her career as a senior financial analyst at a real estate investment company. With a background in real estate, this girl knows her stuff. Most importantly, she has a huge heart and is such a joy to be around. For our first official day together, we had a photoshoot with my photographer BFF, then celebrated with cocktails and french fries at Booth One (the perfect combo).

Below, you’ll find Courtney’s contact info, as well as a little Q&A. Get to know her! She is an outstanding realtor and truly lovely person. I couldn’t be happier to have her on my team.

Meet Courtney Killeen!

Current neighborhood? Wicker Park!

Best meal you’ve ever had? So tough, but either Bavette’s or El Ideas. Bavette’s ambience and truffle mac n’ cheese can’t be beat, and El Ideas is one of the most unique/fun dining experiences I’ve ever had.

Perfect day in Chicago? Wake up early (I’m a morning person), go to yoga or for a run on the 606. Meet up with friends and sit outside at Big Star for tacos/margs. Try a new restaurant for dinner with good wine. Maybe go to a concert after!

Fave design trend of 2018? Vintage lighting! I even have lanterns on my headboard.

Why MSC? She’s not only accomplished so much already in real estate, but she’s kind, good-hearted, and fun. I can’t wait to learn as much as I can from her!

Contact Courtney

email courtney.killeen@cbexchange.com

phone 517.282.8408

instagram @courtkilleen