March 2, 2018

Sean & Beth

Just over two years ago, I helped Marlow and Ashley find their first home. The next year, I worked with Dan, Ashley’s colleague. Last year, I met Sean and Beth — Sean was another coworker. I’m not sure if there are any more people in their department for me to sell to, but I’m pretty darn grateful for these three sets of buyers.

Sean and Beth first met with me at a Starbucks in Lakeview. I remember how easy-going they were. Beth was bubbly, effervescent and ready to find their dream home. Sean was down-to-earth and steady. I loved talking with them.

Our search began. Sean and Beth were hoping for a condo in Lakeview or Lincoln Park, but when they walked into a particular 3-bedroom home in Roscoe Village, they knew it was right for them. And it was: almost 1800 square feet, two outdoor spaces, the most glorious kitchen. We made an offer, and some time later, they went under contract.

At the inspection, Beth shared that she was pregnant. It was the sweetest, happiest news, and I couldn’t help but pepper her with questions: Boy or girl? When? Which room will be the nursery? 

Their closing was a hot day in July, and it was also Beth’s birthday. I brought her a gluten-free cupcake and plopped a pink candle on top (along with their closing gifts) to celebrate. It was a really good day, and I felt impossibly grateful for such kind clients.

Last week, I went back to their condo for a quick visit. I met beautiful baby Brooks (!!!) and got to see a glimpse of Sean and Beth’s home in its most natural state. It looked just as lovely as it did when they purchased it many months ago. Congratulations to the cutest family in Roscoe Village. It was an honor to serve you.

Sean emailed me these two photos from the holidays. I swooned. Those stockings!