June 6, 2018

333 South Desplaines

My newest listing means so much to me, as it belongs to Andrew.

I wish I could remember the first time I came here. I know it was summer, and I’d been going out with him for a few weeks. In the beginning, our dates were at the usual places: an Irish pub, my condo, Restoration Hardware. He eventually invited me over, and since then, I’ve been here too many times to count.

Andrew’s home is unlike most guys’ homes. It is smartly styled, from his marble kitchen shelves (a gift from his parents) to his tall bookshelves flanking the fireplace (he drove down Halsted Street with these sticking out from his car trunk). In true loft fashion, Andrew’s timber 12-foot ceilings and exposed brick walls make the space feel cozy and tranquil. What’s more, his condo is almost always clean. Andrew regularly dusts, vacuums and declutters — he loves coming home to a clean space.

333 South Desplaines is filled with memories: leafing through a magazine on the couch as Andrew cooks, sharing a cigar on his balcony, popping champagne to celebrate career moves, eating Cheerios and sipping Chemex coffee, watching the same Nancy Meyers movie over and over again, peeking at Christmas gifts and so many more.

Tomorrow, I will list Andrew’s condo for $315,000. Please contact me to schedule a private showing.

Photos by Courtney Cimo