March 14, 2019

Meet Candace

The day after I announced that I had left Coldwell Banker to start Melanie Everett & Company, a package arrived at my WeWork office. I strolled up to the front desk, wondering what it could possibly be. Did I forget about a midnight Bloomingdales order? Did Andrew send me flowers? Was it my protein powder from Amazon?

It was none of those things. Conor, one of the community team members at my office, handed me a slim golden envelope. Curiously, I lifted the tab and slid the contents out. Inside, I found a resume, a cover letter, and a handwritten note:


Congratulations on the launch of Melanie Everett & Company! I first learned of MSC one year ago while attending SYWTBAC. At the time, I was a prospective buyer (& still am!), however, I write to you today as an aspiring real estate broker.

I always knew about my passion for real estate but continued to suppress it as I searched for “the perfect job” in my current field — marketing. After many months of following your success through Instagram and your blog, I knew I had to take the plunge for myself. Attached you will find more about me, my intentions, & my experience.

Thank you for taking the time to read this — & for inspiring me to write it in the first place.”

The cover letter continued on to describe each and every reason why Candace McCutcheon believed that she was the perfect fit for my company: she loves the MSC-turned-M&Co. branding, appreciates the art of customer service, understands the demands of a career in real estate, admires my working relationship with Courtney, and lastly, knows the importance of good grammar — that’s right, she was also a journalism major!

I wasn’t sure whether to smile or cry. I think I did both. I was completely floored that a stranger would take the time to put together such a thoughtful (and unprompted!) job application. The most staggering part of it all was that I had never indicated that M&Co. was hiring.

After a few emails back and forth, Candace and I set a date to meet at the Starbucks near my house. I was nervous. Hiring Courtney was one of the best decisions I ever made, but the thought of hiring another person gave me pause. And further, I hoped Candace would like me IRL as much as she liked me online.

Our meeting was effortless. I asked Candace questions; she asked me questions. We sat for a little less than an hour, and when I got home to Andrew that night, I excitedly told him all about her: She was from Downers Grove, went to the University of Iowa, had spent the past four years working in marketing, and lived in the South Loop. But most importantly, she was humble, kind-hearted, and genuine.

Candace sat down with Courtney next, and Courtney felt the same way about her. Our last “interview” was a happy hour at the bar next door to our WeWork office. Courtney and I had wine, Candace ordered a beer, and the three of us talked about life and real estate.

Almost two months after our first correspondence, Candace officially gave notice to her current employer and signed paperwork with M&Co. Suddenly, there were three!

Candace will be representing buyers, sellers, and renters under the brand and alongside Courtney and I. As for me, I have complete trust in her. She is a thousand times more organized than me, and she is motivated to succeed in this crazy industry. At 26 years old, she has solid work experience under her belt — but now, she is boldly embarking on a new journey.

Below, you’ll find Candace’s contact info and a quick Q&A. Welcome to Melanie Everett & Company, Candace!

Meet Candace McCutcheon!

Current neighborhood? South Loop

Best meal you’ve ever had? Every year my family goes to Wildfire around the holidays. I get the filet, au gratin potatoes and, of course, the flourless chocolate cake — delicious!

Perfect day in Chicago? Waking up in time to watch the sunrise (from my bed), grabbing coffee with my boyfriend and taking our dog Juniper for a walk along the lake then testing out some new craft beers on a patio or rooftop bar.

Fave design trend of 2019? Matte kitchen appliances

Why M&Co.? My background is in marketing so when I first heard of M&Co., I was super impressed with the branding, reputation and business trajectory. After getting to know Melanie personally, I was inspired by her unwavering determination, professionalism and kind spirit. It truly was the perfect combo!

Contact Candace

email candace@melanieeverettco.com

phone 630.901.5342

instagram @candacemccutch