April 4, 2019


On my first day of showings with Allison, I remember laughing my way through the afternoon. She sat in the passenger seat of my car, telling me stories and sharing a slice of her life. I am always a little bit nervous to begin working with a new client, but Allison made me feel comfortable right away with her dry humor and easygoing nature.

I initially met Allison after she came to one of my SYWTBAC seminars at WeWork. She also happened to work with one of my best friend’s mothers at a fast-growing staffing company, so we had a few common connections. (Funny enough, I’ve taught SYWTBAC at her office two times now.)

Allison was looking for a two-bedroom condo, and she was set on Lakeview and Lincoln Park. We didn’t find “the one” on that first summer day, but in the weeks that follow, we began to narrow down the options. I was sitting in my office one morning when Allison sent me that all-too-familiar text: “Melanie, this place is perfect. When can we see it?”

It was a light-filled, newer construction unit in West Lakeview. We were the very first showing, wrote a convincing offer, and very soon, Allison was under contract.

The home search can be a whirlwind, but Allison kept her cool the entire time. She officially closed in September, and I stopped by soon after to deliver a belated gift. To my surprise, she was already totally moved in and decorated — her home looked perfect and I wished I could stay forever (and yes, I totally signed the guestbook!).

Congratulations, Allison.