May 1, 2019


Melissa and I went to high school together. In a class of almost 1,000 students at Hinsdale Central, I knew who she was, but we weren’t quite friends. A handful of years later, we both found ourselves living in the Gold Coast — me on Goethe Street, Melissa on Scott Street.

We’d occasionally bump into each other around the neighborhood, and finally, we graduated to meeting up for dinner or drinks. One night over wine and fish (you must go and order the Scottish salmon!) at Blue Door Kitchen, Melissa told me she was ready to start looking for her first condo.

Working with Melissa was a treat. It’s fun to represent my friends, and this was no exception. We toured a few homes in the Gold Coast before Melissa found her dream condo in River North. It had a smashing view of the city, plenty of space for cooking and entertaining, and a walk-to-Whole-Foods location. Melissa was sold before she even wrote the offer.

She closed on a beautiful spring day in May, and within a month or two, I then represented her little sister, Tara, on her condo purchase in the same building — just a few floors up from Melissa’s. (I’ll share Tara’s place on a future blog post.) Through it all, I got to interact with the two sisters and their sweet parents. It was a true pleasure — I love this family.

For now, here’s a glimpse of Melissa’s feminine and chic bachelorette pad.