July 7, 2019

Jeff & L’Oreal

At our first meeting, I instantly bonded with Jeff and L’Oreal. They were laid-back and funny, and the pair played off each other’s personalities so well. I got to know them, learning about their careers and side hustles. (Fun fact: L’Oreal is a freelancer and blogger, inspiring women across Chicago and beyond with her words, wisdom and wit.) L’Oreal came to that consultation with a wishlist in hand, and Jeff, leaning back in his chair, added additional details during our conversation. They weren’t quite ready to start showings, so I told Jeff and L’Oreal to email me whenever it was go-time.

Three months later, I got an excited email from Jeff. They had found a few places online, and with summer approaching, the two felt it was the right time to begin the official search. We toured in Oak Park, we toured in Lincoln Park, we toured in Albany Park. It was May 2018, and as it often is during springtime, the market was insanely competitive. It seemed like every home was selling with multiple offers, way above the asking price. Jeff and L’Oreal kept at it, and in the end, it was worth the wait.

Just before Memorial Day, they went under contract on a two-bedroom vintage condo in Rogers Park. The space felt bright, homey, and well-cared for. Jeff and L’Oreal were over-the-moon.

It’s been over a year since closing day. In that time, L’Oreal attended one of my events, I attended one of hers, she’s read and interacted with my blog posts, I’ve subscribed to her newsletter, and last month, Andrew and I got to hang out at their place. All of this to say: Jeff and L’Oreal are two friendly, cool people, and I feel blessed to call them clients-turned-friends.

Lastly, I can say first-hand that Jeff and L’Oreal have some serious style. When we visited their condo this past June, I swooned over the new look and feel: lots of fresh paint (including trendy blue kitchen cabinets!), subway tile backsplash, and a very pretty patterned fireplace surround. I felt so comfortable in their home that I probably could’ve stayed all afternoon.

Jeff and L’Oreal, congratulations all over again. You guys are the best, and I am so happy you found your way to SYWTBAC way back when.