November 27, 2019

Lesson 4: Thankfulness

This is part four of an ongoing series called “Lessons Learned at M&Co.” You can find lesson one here, lesson two here, and lesson three here.

With Thanksgiving just one day away, I can think of no better time to share a lesson about thankfulness.

It has been a wild year. I started Melanie Everett & Company, added to the team, adjusted to married life (it will be a year on December 8th!), and sold more real estate than I could’ve imagined. More often that I’d like, I have found myself getting caught up in the constant go-go-go, instead of taking time to slow down and show gratitude to those in my personal and work world.

This lesson is forever an ongoing one. To “give thanks” is an attitude — a daily mindset — that I have to put on every single moment. It’s far too easy to slip back into a pattern of busy-ness, only to forget about the great gifts from above.

On Thanksgiving week, work is slower. I have zero showings booked between now and the weekend (so far!) and I’m very ready to spend some downtime with my family in Hinsdale. Before I go, I want to say “thank you” to some very dear people.

To my team

The M&Co. team is small and mighty. Courtney and Candace, you girls constantly amaze me with your ambition and work ethic. I feel like a proud mom in so many ways, like when I saw Courtney blow past her 2019 sales goal, or when I watched Candace close her very first transaction.

Thank you for learning alongside me this year, and for giving me grace as I’ve navigated this whole “leadership” thing. Thank you for taking care of our clients. Thank you for who you are!

To my clients

You guys mean so much to me. Whether I met you through SYWTBAC, a referral, or Instagram, I am humbled and honored to be the one that you trusted for your real estate purchase or sale. I no longer get to work with every single one of you, but I know Courtney, Candace and I have loved getting to know your stories, your likes/dislikes, your Starbucks orders, and so much more!

Thank you for choosing to work with M&Co., and thank you for treating us with kindness and patience throughout your transactions.

To my husband

I’ve said it several times before, but I must repeat myself: M&Co. wouldn’t be possible without my husband. Andrew, you are my CFO, my Quickbooks extraordinaire, my brainstorming buddy and so much more. I am so blessed by your support — in life and in business!

Thank you for… too many things. Thank you for caring for my team, for installing my “for sale” signs, for handling the IRS, and for loving me for me.