July 8, 2020

Frank & Alex

A guest post by Courtney Funkhouser

I was introduced to Alex in 2018. We met at our WeWork office for a consultation (with plenty of coffee). Alex and her husband, Frank, were in the early stages of searching. They wanted to learn more about the Chicago market, and even though they were not yet ready to purchase, I was so impressed to see that they stayed on top of the MLS listings by marking “interested” almost daily. It’s never too early to start getting a good idea of what your dream home would look like.

One year later, I received an email. Frank and Alex had attended an open house for a beautiful new construction condo in Noble Square, and they were considering making a move on it. We quickly set up a meeting to discuss the ins-and-outs of purchasing new construction. Things moved quickly. Within a couple of days, they were under contract! Frank and Alex even got to pick out some of the finishes: custom kitchen cabinets, white Carrera countertops, and dark graphite floors to name a few. Alex has an eye for design!

New construction is a different beast (especially when the condo isn’t 100% completed yet). There were some hurdles to overcome, but Alex and Frank were quick learners, and they stuck to their guns. They ended up with a beautiful, luxurious, and solidly-built home when they closed that fall. Since then, they’ve been busy decorating and making their condo a home. I truly love their style. The photos speak for themselves!