August 6, 2020


A guest post by Courtney Funkhouser

Amanda and I met on a beautiful summer day in early June 2019 over tea at the cozy Intelligentsia on Broadway. It feels like a lifetime ago that we were able to meet with clients at coffee shops in bustling neighborhoods. We got to know each other and chatted about her dream home. With a lease ending in August, she was ready to hit the ground running, and she had a solid checklist for her first home. By the end of our meeting, we had a tour day on the calendar.

In pre-Covid days, we always started a client’s search with a tour day. This entails seeing a handful of properties back-to-back over the course of a few hours to give our clients a better sense of how pictures translate into real life and what the current market looks like. Most tour days do not end with finding “the one” — they are a way for clients to get a better sense of what they want in their home so that they can be more picky about which condos are worth seeing in-person. With Amanda’s tour day, we didn’t find her dream condo, but she was able to narrow down the neighborhoods she was interested in and the types of condos that would be a good fit for her.

When Amanda and I first discussed her search criteria, she originally wanted newer construction. After a few weeks of searching, we eventually looked at an incredibly unique vintage condo (built in 1933!) in Lakeview. Amanda told me that this was “the one” after the showing, and we soon went under contract — just in time for her lease end date!

Amanda’s new home features a front entryway with a quaint arched doorway, built-in shelves, separate living and dining room, updated kitchen, and the cutest private Parisian-esque patio. She shared a few recent photos with me — I love how she’s made it her own!