September 1, 2020

Nursery Tour

Last night, I found myself wide awake at 3:00 in the morning, walking around our condo as Andrew slept peacefully. My insomnia was a classic combination of anxiety and discomfort (the baby loves to kick me at nighttime!). I paced from our bedroom to the living room to the kitchen, and on my way back to bed, I peeked into the nursery.

This is the sweetest space in our home, and each time I go in, I am reminded that our lives are about to change in just a few weeks. My due date (September 25th!) is fast-approaching, and I’m experiencing every emotion in the book: joy, fear, apprehension and anticipation, curiosity, nostalgia, love.

As I stood in the doorway of our daughter’s soon-to-be bedroom, I felt my worries give way to a sense of peace. Andrew and I are in this together as husband and wife, mom and dad, best friends forever. The nursery is a calming picture of the gift — a baby girl! — that God has richly blessed us with.

We worked on her room all summer long. Andrew drew a floor plan, I scrolled for inspiration on Instagram, and we consulted with my mom — the most talented designer I know! — on furniture. Frankly, all I knew for certain was that we should buy a crib, but everything else was news to me: We apparently also needed a bassinet, glider, changing table, camera, blackout curtains, closet organization, and so many more items. Our shopping list grew and grew.

Andrew and I painted a statement wall (pink, of course!) on my 27th birthday, picked up some hand-me-downs from my parents’ house, signed for furniture deliveries, and began arranging everything. The nursery was finally coming together! For the finishing touches, we steamed the curtains, hung and styled bookshelves, framed a print from Etsy, and — last of all — washed all of her clothes. (Her tiny onesies and dresses and headbands are safely tucked away in the changing table drawers.)

Courtney came over to photograph the space at the end of August, and I am so glad she did. I will cherish these photos forever — a frozen-in-time memory of our daughter’s room, waiting for her arrival.

Crib, Bedding, Changing Table, Glider, Curtains, Chandelier: Restoration Hardware // Mirror: Vintage // Shelves: Crate & Barrel // Photos: Courtney Cimo (from our trip to Paris in 2016!) // Print: Janet Hill // Rug: Costco

Photos: Courtney Cimo of Courtney Cimo Photo & Film