March 31, 2021

6 Months with Holly

I met Holly Grace Everett six months ago – October 3rd, 2020. She came into the world and our lives one week past her due date, and as the doctor laid her on my chest, Holly and I both cried. It was a sweet, shy, new kind of love that I’d never felt before – a gift from God.

Since that day, Andrew and I have been getting to know Holly. Here are a few things we’ve learned about our daughter:

She smiles big in her crib when Andrew picks her up every single morning.

She is not a fan of being on her back – tummy time only.

She loves nursing all day long. (And to my surprise… I love it, too, more than I ever thought I would.)

She always finds a way to roll off her play mat and onto our hardwood floors, where she glides around in circles and tries so hard to crawl.

She does a very shrill scream-cry when she’s happy, but getting punchy and tired.

She actually likes to hear us sing. (Who would have thought?!) We sing her bedtime song, Veggie Tales favorites, and throwbacks from Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

She wants our attention and cries whenever we’re both on work calls.

She’s open to new things, from sampling pear puree to sleeping in a pack-and-play at her grandparents’ houses.

She is a total blondie. For now, anyways!

Holly, thank you for bringing your dad and I so much joy. We adore you – through the tough, sleep-deprived moments, and through the easy and cuddly moments. Happy half-birthday to you!