March 23, 2021

Brand New

Over many cups of coffee and glasses of wine (not at the same time of day, of course), I poured my heart into this website. I’m so, so excited to finally share my new and improved corner of the internet with you!

First, here’s a look back at my previous website:

I appreciated the simplicity and clean lines, but I needed more functionality and organization.

Here’s what I LOVE (and what’s totally new!) about this updated site:

Listings: My firm’s listings are special, and I wanted to find a way to showcase all the best details. Now, you’ll be able to click through photos, contact the agent directly for a showing, and learn more about each home. Check out 1255 North State #3D, as an example.

Team: My old site was mostly about me. This one has a button to learn more about my team right from the homepage. How could I not give them all the credit they deserve?

Properties: Just hit “properties” at the top of the menu to see all of my firm’s current and past listings, as well as our past purchases. Finally, I can track sales all in one place!

COLOR: I was tired of all the black and white! Craving some color, I added in pops of light pink — my signature — and I love the way it turned out.

Take a self-guided tour! Stay a while! I’m so glad you’re here.