March 17, 2021

Meet Beatriz

Since January 1st, life and work have been a complete whirlwind. The real estate market, as many predicted, kicked into high gear as soon as 2021 began. At M&Co., we were totally swamped right off the bat: setting up consultations with buyers and sellers, getting listings ready, and running all over the city. I could hardly catch my breath!

The writing was on the wall. I needed a 5th broker.

Hiring, as I’ve learned, is exhausting and involved. I scheduled many phone calls, video meetings, and in-person meetings in an effort to find the right fit. I spoke with some incredible, well-qualified men and women, but little did I know that “the one” was actually a broker I’d connected with almost a full year ago.

Beatriz had first reached out in May 2020, when I was looking for our 4th. She was pregnant with her daughter, Margot, at the time, so we decided to dog-ear the conversation and re-connect down the road. We started talking again, and as I got to know her more, it became obvious that she checked all of the boxes:

Experienced: Beatriz had been in the real estate industry for five years, and she was working as a broker at a large firm in the city.

Friendly: We hit it off right away, talking about our daughters (Margot and Holly are a few months apart!) and our experiences as new moms. I felt like I was talking to someone I’d known for years! In fact, I almost forgot that I was “interviewing” her.

Ready to hustle: Beatriz was willing to get started and begin representing M&Co. clients!

On a Friday in February, I called Beatriz to give her the news. It was official! She was ecstatic, and so was I.

Beatriz and I have been working together since then. I’ve trained her on our systems, she met the girls at our March meeting, and she’s taken on clients, too. Now, the secret is out, and I am thrilled to share more about Beatriz with you all.

At M&Co., Beatriz is representing buyers and sellers under the brand and alongside Maggie, Candace, Courtney, and I. She is vivacious, thoughtful, organized, and totally relatable.

Below, you’ll find Beatriz’s contact info and a quick Q&A. Welcome to Melanie Everett & Company, Beatriz!

Meet Beatriz Jensen-Perez!

Current neighborhood? Lakeview

Best meal you’ve ever had? It’s still the sticky braised pork shank from Girl and The Goat.

Perfect day in Chicago? Wake up early, walk over to Bittersweet Pastry Shop for some chocolate croissants then stop in at Osmium for some iced coffee. Get in the car and drive up to Andersonville and spend the day going in and out of vintage stores. Get Spacca Napoli or Coda di Volpe for dinner… maybe Jeni’s for dessert and in bed by 10PM. I know… a very food oriented day! 🙂

Fave design trend of 2021? Saying goodbye to all-white kitchens! I’m loving all the two-toned kitchens, the open shelving and moody-colored cabinets.

Why M&Co.? I always admired how this small but mighty team was taking over Chicago while still remaining very approachable. As soon as Melanie mentioned she wanted to expand her team, I knew I had to be a part of it! Working alongside such talented women truly feels like a dream come true.

email beatriz@melanieeverettco.com

phone 708.513.5521

instagram @beatriz.jensenperez