March 3, 2022

Real Producers Cover Feature

February was a special month for me. Melanie Everett & Company was on the cover of Real Producers Magazine!

When I got the call from the editor, I nearly fell off my chair. “Really, Andy?” I squealed. “That would be such an honor.”

And an honor it was. I booked a photo studio (The Studio Chicago in South Loop — a whitewashed, gorgeous space!) for my team and I to take photos. I picked out a light pink dress with silver buttons from Sandro, curled my hair, and prepared for my first-ever cover shoot. Our photographer, Sonya, kept us laughing and smiling the entire time. We had a ball.

The magazine came through my mail slot last month. I stared at it, held it in my hands. This was so much more than just a cool experience for me — it was a career highlight, something I’ve dreamed of since I got started in this crazy industry more than 7 years ago.

Thank you to Real Producers Magazine for such a gift. I will never forget it!