February 17, 2023

Meet Joey

Earlier this year, Melanie Everett & Company welcomed our newest team member. This broker is personable and thoughtful, and has rounded out this team so very well. His name is Joey!

Joey and I met back in December through his younger sister, Maggie. Yes, M&Co.’s Maggie, who worked with us in 2020 and 2021 and is a sweet friend to my team and me. She put her brother and I in touch, and after my first phone conversation with him, I ended the call impressed and curious to learn more.

We soon met for an in-person interview, where Joey shared more of his experiences. He had already been successfully working in real estate at a national brokerage, and the stories he told me showed just how much he really cared for his clients — an attribute that is at the very heart of my company. When I bumped into Joey a week later at a mutual friend’s Christmas party, I just knew… and I offered him the position a few days later.

Joey officially joined M&Co. in early January, and since then, he has been selflessly serving buyers and sellers. I am so, so thrilled for him, and for our humble team to grow to seven. Below, you’ll find his contact info and a quick Q&A.

Meet Joey Gasso!

Tell us about your perfect day in the city. My perfect day would start with an early morning run or bike ride along the lakefront as the sun rises and before the city wakes up. Coffee and breakfast at Heritage in Lakeview with my fiancé, Becca, followed by bringing a blanket, a book, and a baseball glove and ball to any of the city’s amazing parks. The afternoon would have some other type of outdoor activity: a walk through a neighborhood to admire homes and architecture, or setting up a hammock by the lake and taking a nap. Find a great spot to watch the sunset, probably on a sunset boat tour, followed by some live theater or a show at Second City

What does “home” mean to you? Home is a sacred space. Home is where I can move about at my own pace and feel comfortable in my own skin. Home is a place to entertain, to gather with friends and family and make wonderful memories. Home is a place to try new things, to learn, to grow, a space to take deep breaths after a long day and decompress from the stresses of the outside world. Home is a place where I can be myself. 

What is your favorite part about working in real estate? Working in real estate combines two of my favorite things in this world and that is helping people and homes. Having a dad who worked in real estate, from a young age I fell in love with seeing homes and thinking about how a space could be utilized and lived in. The relational side of things — getting to know people, hearing their stories and helping them find a place that they are going to be excited about, or end a chapter in a place, and hearing about special memories and moments — is an absolute honor and joy. Getting to help people navigate the process is literally a dream that I’ve had since I was 6 years old come true. 

What advice do you have for a first-time seller or first-time buyer? Enjoy the process. Work with people that you enjoy and who communicate well with you. Take time to find what you like and ask all the questions. We are here to help! 

Why M&Co.? From my initial interaction with Melanie followed by meeting the team, it just made sense. Everyone at M&Co. is a rockstar human; people of high character and integrity, everyone is genuine, kind, helpful, and a delight to be around. This industry can be unpredictable, so aligning with people whose values were similar to mine was a high priority. I couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to join M&Co. 

email joey@melanieeverettco.com

phone 847.682.5700

instagram @gasso.joey