May 26, 2023

Hinsdale Kitchen Walk: Timeless Tradition

The Hinsdale Kitchen Walk is one of my hometown’s most cherished traditions, showcasing special homes, both old and new. (When I was in high school, my parents’ home in Southeast Hinsdale was featured, with its pristine Christopher Peacock kitchen!) This spring’s roster included five impossibly gorgeous homes, dotted along Sixth Street and Washington Street.

I met my mom on that Friday morning and we headed off to the first stop, umbrellas in hand for a balmy and grey spring day. At each house, we patiently waited in a long line, then donned bright pink shoe booties and made our way through the main living spaces.

There was one in particular that stole both of our hearts: an American Colonial dream house. This Sixth Street beauty, circa 1892, has an impressive list of past owners and famous guests. The house itself is astounding from the street with its lush grounds and grand columns — it’s the kind you slow down and drive by, wondering who must live inside its four walls — but its the interior that really sings, as it was masterfully decorated by the only and only Mark D. Sikes!

It was good, so good that my mom and I walked around multiple times, staying far too long in each room to study the details and snap pictures. From sisal rugs to chestnut brown ikat wallcoverings to dramatic curtains hung all the way to the ceiling, we loved it all.

Every single home inspired me in some way or another, and I am so grateful to the homeowners for graciously opening up their spaces, as well as the Hinsdale Historical Society Women’s Board for all of their hard work — it really showed!