Akina and I met over iced teas at Dollop on a sweltering evening in July. Another friend had introduced us, and as it turned out, Akina needed to find a new home in a very short amount of time. We hit the ground running.

After a whirlwind of vintage showings, Akina fell for a spacious two-bedroom condo in Lakeview East. It truly was a gem– a giant master suite, a bright living space and an awesome neighbor (another MSC client bought a place just a few floors above).

There was a severe thunderstorm during our inspection, but inside the home, it felt cozy and comfortable. I remember sitting across from Akina and complaining about the woes of dating. She laughed and told me stories from her own life. When we left, there was a double rainbow stretching across the parking lot.

She closed on her new home in September. I gave her a collection of beautifully-bound books to celebrate her accomplishment — the condo was full of built-ins, and Akina had joked that she’d need books to fill the shelves. Now, she’s got three of the classics.

Congratulations, Akina. Thank you for your kindness and trust.